About Us


Our company Naturnar begins his activity by the desire to bring one of the most valuable things that our land has to all the corners of Europe, where they don’t have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh, sweet and healthy orange. NATURNAR is a small and modern company that wants to transfer to the current way of life the traditional taste of yesteryear, in a way, above all, healthy. There is no person, or company, that has tried our products and has not repeated. A customer who buys for the first time is a conquered customer.

Naturnar has implemented the best control systems, certified by external entities, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of his products. A supplier control system consisting of permanent communication with the farmers through the advice in the information notes by the technicians of Naturnar. We offer oranges with a spectacular quality, harvested at their optimum point of maturity, without any chemical treatment for their beautification or preservation in cold rooms and delivered to the customer’s house within 48 hours from their harvest in our fields. In short, we simply offer oranges, to be enjoyed with the maximum flavor and freshness. Naturnar is located in a town in the south of Alicante, where the weather conditions are warm during the day and tempered during the night, thus achieving the perfect balance of acidity and sugar in the citrus fruit.

The oranges of Naturnar are cultivated traditionally, without more treatments than the essential ones, in artisan and natural ways. It is not a biological product, but a fresh product and without treatments after its collection. We choose our oranges carefully, in a personal way and as best you can choose it, “tasting and savoring their quality”. Naturnar doesn’t use preservative treatments, treatments for accelerated maturity, or any product that changes the original taste and quality of our fruit. That’s why we chose the optimal time for cutting our product. In addition we guarantee the freshness of our product, since it was cut from the tree until it reaches the customer’s hands, it will not be more than 48h to ensure that the client will have fresh, natural and quality fruit. At Naturnar we take care of the following quality points:

Optima Temperature; 3-8 ° C (38-46 ° F) until 3 months, depending on crop, maturity at harvest and production area. Optima Relative Atmospheric Humidity of 90% to 95%