Our Certifications

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Our commitment to the quality and care of our products differentiate us from the rest. The quality of our product and our certifications: IFS, GLOBALG.AP, Chain of Custody (CoC) and GRASP, does not come by chance. The organoleptic properties of our citrus fruits (color, smell, taste, texture, and temperature) make our products unique.

At Naturnar we take care of the following quality points:
• Temperature and Controlled Atmosphere
• Optimal Temperature: 3-8ºC (38-46ºF) for 3 months, depending on the crop, state of maturity of the harvest and production area.
• Optimal relative humidity: 90-95%

GGN: 4059883310306 Therefore, we have control over the treatments carried out on the farm. Thus ensuring that the legal requirements that apply to agricultural production in the field of phytosanitary treatments and food safety are strictly complied with. We inform that our product is not subjected to post-harvest treatments. Therefore, the only residues present in the product are those that were used in the production stage. The product is collected and shipped from the farm to the end customer