Our history

We are the difference
between what
we did and
will we do.

the beginning

Naturnar was born out of the desire to bring one of the most valuable things that our land has to all corners of Europe, where they do not have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh, sweet and healthy orange. As our first business model, we are committed to selling directly to the consumer at our points of sale in France. We currently have about 100 points of sale throughout France.
These oranges are traditionally grown, without any other treatments other than the essentials, in an artisanal and natural way, it is not a biological product, it is a fresh product and without treatments after its harvest. We do not use preservative treatments, accelerated ripening treatments, or any product that changes the original taste and quality of our fruit. That is why we choose the optimal moment for cutting our product. We carefully choose our oranges, personally and as best you can choose something "tasting and savoring their quality". In addition, Naturnar guarantees the freshness of its product, since since it is cut from the tree until it reaches the customer's table, 1-3 days have passed. That is why we choose direct sales to the public, to ensure that the customer will taste fresh, natural and quality fruit.